The Hardrocker Mill

$ 850,000.00

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AMMC's Hardrocker Mill processes a ton and a half of ore per hour. The Hardrocker is designed to be spatially economic. Everything from the grizzly to the water tank and conveyor fit and ship inside of a sea container. The Hardrocker utilizes a 4X10 gravity separation table designed and manufactured by AMMC that uses modern gravity separation technology and promotes a greener type of milling while optimizing precious metal recovery ratios.
The Hardrocker Mill is a simple design that just works and uses the same proven concept as our Prospector Mill! The idea is
to liberate precious metals from hard rock ore and use gravity separation to concentrate the precious metals and separate
out the waste.
Our concept works like no other because of our Patent Pending classification system. With many other crushers the mesh
curve changes as the parts wear throughout the day making gravity separation difficult. We are able to maintain the mesh
curve even as consumable parts in the imapctor wear. There are no dependencies on the amount of wear on our Impactor
arms and paddles.
By using gravity separation we greatly reduce the processing cost per-ton of ore and eliminate the use of chemicals in the
separation process. The use of magnetic concentrators is instrumental in our gravity concentration table maintaining precious
metal recovery rates in the 90th percentile. The magnets are designed to remove magnetite from the high-grade ore
throughout the separation process. This method allows the gold and silver to separate and go high on the table without
contamination from magnetic material.
An Alternative for Bigger Options
The Hardrocker Mill processes one and a half tons of material per hour. In order to serve larger operation’s needs, you can re-configure the primary crushing circuit and set up multiple instances of the Hardrocker to achieve the desired tonnage per hour. The allure of this type of configuration is the reduction of downtime for routine maintenance.  Shut down one Hardrocker for maintenance and the others can continue to run. This provides a huge advantage over many traditional big mills where the downtime for maintenance is extremely costly. By using our configuration downtime is literally cut to a fraction of what it once was.

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Everything in our mill fits and ships inside of a 40ft sea container, including:
  • Grizzly
  • Primary 10X21 Jaw Crusher and motor
  • Secondary 10X21 Jaw Crusher and motor
  • Conveyor and motor
  • All augers and corresponding motors
  • Primary Impact Crusher and motor
  • Secondary Impact Crusher and motor
  • 4X10 Shaker Table
  • Dewatering system
  • 1000 gal water tank
  • This mill is pre-wired and pre-plumbed