MSA Dynevac II Self-Retracing Lanyard

$ 2,434.79

MSA Dynevac® II Self Retractable Lanyard with 50' of 3/16" stainless steel cable offers average lifting speed of 25 feet per minute. Dynevac® II rescuers with integrated shock absorber can be used in the field and for training purpose. Lanyard is featured with zinc-plated self-locking swivel snap hook with load indicator that alarms the user when the unit has been subjected to a load. Forged steel constructed lanyard includes 3 independent braking mechanisms offer proven durability in corrosive or freezing environments. Self-retracting lanyard renders guaranteed performance with fall arrest, emergency lifting and lowering for confined space with 4.5 feet per second locking speed. OSHA regulations and ANSI standards tested lanyards find its application in confined space, welding and painting.