Magnaflux Magnaglo 20B Wet Method Preblended Dry Mix (1 Lb)

$ 80.06

Easy-to-use pre-blended mix of 14A particles and WA-2B conditioner in water. 

This assures proper concentration with no mixing or measuring. Highly sensitive suspension with bright yellow-green indications for excellent inspection quality.

It can be sprayed onto a magnetized part allowing the detection of cracks, seams, inclusions, laps, tears and flakes. Can be used in forgings, welds, castings, machined ferromagnetic items, steel, and alloys of iron, nickel and cobalt.

  • 1 Lb jar
  • Clear indication under UV light, high florescent contrast
  • High sensitivity, easy cleanup
  • Dispersion stability, even surface coverage
  • Non-foaming
  • Corrosion protection