Kidde Kitchen Class-K Fire Extinguishers

$ 268.80

Suitable for use on Class K cooking grease and oil fires. The move toward more efficient cooking appliances and the widespread use of unsaturated cooking oils dictates the development and use of new types of portable fire extinguishers. These wet chemical extinguishers are designed to deliver the agent safely on to the fire with a more gentle application. In addition the fire fighting agent has a greater fire fighting capacity and cooling effect on grease fires than dry chemical agents.

  • Safe and durable stainless steel cylinder
  • Clear instruction label using graphics to show steps required to operate extinguisher
  • Easy-to-pull safety pin
  • Tough impact resistant metal valve, handle & lever
  • 6 liter (1.6 gallons) of fire extinguishing agent (Average)
  • 6 year limited warranty
  • UL approved wall hanger
  • Corrosion resistant cylinder & valve assembly