Cestus Gloves 8015 HM® Impact

$ 36.95

Keep your hands protected in the mining industry with these HM® Impact gloves. Using tools and equipment while mining creates debris impacting the back of your hands. These heavy duty gloves are specially designed with that in mind. They feature a segmented three-layer foam material on the back of the hands to keep your hands safe. 
  • One-Piece DNX Grip™: Adds grip control and cut level-two protection
  • Double-Stitched Palm: Adds durability and longevity in high-wear areas of the glove
  • Segmented Three-Layer Foam: Adds back of hand impact protection against impacts, lacerations and abrasion
  • Segmented TPR: Adds impact protection for full back of finger to fingertips and thumb
  • Reflective Fingertips and Hi-Vis Color: Aids in hand visibility in low-light or hazardous situation
  • Uses: natural resource refining, drilling, miners, oil workers, construction, extraction and fracking, barrel and drum handling, demolition