Cestus Gloves 6111 NS Grip

$ 6.95

The NS Grip Glove is designed for the ultimate tactile dexterity that provides a breathable comfortable fit. Whether you are working with small parts or simply moving items around you won't be disappointed with these gloves. They have a nitrile-dipped palm with a latex micro-finish coating that adds extra control for slippery or dry surfaces. 

  • Nitrile-Dipped Palm: synthetic latex protects from latex allergies, and provides tactile dexterity
  • Latex Micro-Finish on Top of Nitrile: adds grip control on slick or dry surfaces, while protecting from Latex allergens
  • Form-Fitting Construction and Elasticized Cuff:ensures the gloves fit snugly while in use
  • Seamless Construction: adds durability and longevity
  • Non-Coated Back: ensures glove is breathable and comfortable