Cestus Gloves 6108 TC5

$ 22.95

Protect yourself from hazards at certain work sites with these TC5 gloves. These gloves feature a cut level-five material that prevents cuts and abrasions. The palms are dipped with Nitrile that ensures extra tactile dexterity as well as durability. The TC5 fit are comfortable and breathable.
  • Cut Level-Five Material: adds maximum cut resistance to glove
  • Micro-Finished Nitrile-Dipped Palm: adds oil resistance and tactile dexterity
  • Non-coated back: ensures breathablity and comfort while in use
  • Form-fitting construction and elasticized cuff: ensures the gloves fit snugly while in use
  • Hand-washable and hand-dry ability: allows the glove to be cleaned and reused