Cestus Gloves 6021 Genu™ II

$ 17.95

The Genu II is the ideal work glove in the lumberyard, construction site, automotive garage or any other environment when needed to protect your hands. The material is a breathable, synthetic leather that is so comfortable it won't feel like you're wearing gloves. 
  • Dual-Layer, Synthetic Leather Palm: Adds tactile dexterity, and protects against abrasion and minor lacerations
  • Reinforced Saddle: Adds durability to a high-wear area that comes into contact with tools
  • Form-Fitting Spandex: Adds breathability and helps ensure gloves fit snugly
  • Terry Cloth Back on Thumb: Absorbs moisture to keep hand dry, or for wiping brow
  • Adjustable Short Cuff: Ensures a snug fit while gloves are in use