Cestus Gloves 6012 Gen-U™ EZ-Fit Women's

$ 10.99

When you need a durable, high dexterity glove, the Gen-U Ez-Fit Women's is for you. Read more about the gloves below.
  • Dual-layer, One-Piece, Padded Synthetic Leather Palm: Gives user significantly high dexterity through durable synthetic leather.
  • Double-Stitched Palm: Adds durability and longevity to palm.
  • Reinforced Zip-Grip Saddle: Gives glove added grip control, and reinforces a high-wear area.
  • Touch-Screen Surface: Allows user to use touch-screen devices.
  • Form-Fitting Spandex: Adds breathability and comfort to back of hand.
  • Elasticized, Adjustable Long-Cuff design: Ensures a snug fit and keeps debris out.