Cestus Gloves 3204 Deep III Sonic-10

$ 50.95

Cestus has redefined the ultimate hand protection with the Deep III Sonic-10. They pushed there Pro Series gloves further to create the ultimate glove for rigging, barrel drum handling, oil and gas drilling, petroleum refining, fracking, mining , demolition, heavy construction and many more heavy duty scenarios. Look below to see the features. 
  • Sonic-10® Grip: Oil-resistant grip featuring 3D grip terrain with 10 unique peak zones to create angles on palm that maximize gripping power on wet or oily surfaces, while channeling oil, drilling muds and liquids away from the hand
  • Bristle Grip Zones: Dense zones of miniature bristles on palm, fingers and thumb maximize grip in strategically located areas of the hand, while channeling oil, drilling muds and liquids away from palm.
  • Flexible CestusAero™ TPR: Vented TPR adds breathability and impact resistance to fingers down to the fingernails, thumb, knuckles and metacarpals
  • One-Piece, Dual-Layered Palm: Ensures glove is durable and made for longevity through a one-piece, dual-layered palm
  • Elasticized Long-Cuff Design: Helps ensure debris and drilling muds stays out of glove while adding tear-away ability if caught in machinery or elsewhere