Cestus Gloves 3008 HMD Cut-5

$ 25.95

These durable thin, breathable gloves provide optimal grip control as well as impact protection. They also feature cut level five resistant material to protect against lacerations and abrasions. Check out more features below. 
  • Flexible TPR Shields: Impact resistance for back of fingers down to the fingertips, thumb, knuckles and metacarpals
  • Sandy-Finished, Nitrile Double-Dipped Palm: Oil-resistant palm that allows for full dexterity while using tools or equipment
  • SlashWeave®: Adds cut level-five resistance to glove for protection against lacerations
  • Thin, Form-Fitting Fabric: Ensures the glove is comfortable and breathable, while fitting snugly when in use
  • Dust and Lint Free: Adds durability and longevity to the gloves