Cestus Gloves 3006 HMD HI-Vis CUT5

$ 29.95

Prevent injuries with these HMD Hi-Vis CUT5 gloves. Work sites often present slick surfaces such as water, oil and gas protect yourself with these gloves. Check out more features below. 
  • Hi-Vis Flexible TPR Shields: High-visibility impact shields that offer hand visibility and continuous impact resistance from fingertip to metacarpals
  • Hi-Vis, Sandy-Finished, Nitrile-Dipped Palm: Oil-resistant, hi-vis palm that adds hand visibility and allows for full dexterity while using tools or equipment
  • Cut-Resistant Material: Adds cut level-five resistance to glove
  • Thin, Form-Fitting Fabric: Ensures the glove is comfortable and breathable, While fitting snugly when in use
  • Dust and Lint Free: Adds durability and longevity to the gloves