3M High-Capacity Static Resistant Petroleum Sorbent Rolls, Absorbs 73 gal, 7010383501

$ 272.99

  • Static Resistant Petroleum Sorbents are specifically designed for the safe cleanup of highly flammable petroleum-based liquids
  • Specially treated to resist static charge build-up they can be used effectively and efficiently when conditions are likely to produce static arcing – such as when relative humidity is low (below 20%) or when temperatures fall below freezing
  • High Capacity Static Resistant Petroleum Sorbents absorb up to twice as much oil and flammable liquid by weight as standard melt-blown static resistant sorbents on land and on water
  • Pack of 1 ROL
  • Manufacturer part number: 7010383501
  • UPC Code: 51138290672

  • Absorption [Nom] = 73 gal
  • Quantity = 1 per bale
  • Type = Sorbent Roll
  • Usage = Spill Control
  • Wt. = 20 lb
  • This item is a non-stock item. Lead time may be upwards of 4 weeks.